The Verona Adventure

The Verona Adventure

Verona is a beautiful city not far out of Venice. We got there on the Frecciarossa; a bright red high speed train.

When we got there it started raining, so we hopped on a road train and took a tour of the city, starting and ending at the Arena of Verona (built in the 1st century, which makes it about two thousand years old).

During our visit we went into the Duomo, a beautiful church with two huge organs.

We also went to the Castelvecchio, a huge 14th century fortress with 7 towers and a huge bridge, with large walls, crossing over the river.

Even though my pasta at the place I had lunch was way too cheesy… my gelato at Gelateria La Romana (learn more about this place in my other post A Whole Lot’O Gelato) was at the top of my yum-o-meter! Verona is unique Italian city that is well worth visiting.