A Whole Lot’O Gelato

A Whole Lot’O Gelato

I ate at a ton of gelato cafes during my trip, but here are my top five. Europe’s gelato is the best I’ve ever had! Even though Italy is famous for it, Slovenia’s gelato is awesome too. Because I am about to move on to Italy on my blog, I decided that this would make a perfect connector.

1. Gelateria La Romana: This place had the best gelato that I’ve had in my life!!! I had biscotto della nonna (traditional Italian biscuits and cocoa shortbread mixed in a sweet cream gelato). I had this amazing gelato in Verona, Italy.

2. Vigò: Vigò is in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I had vanilla with white chocolate sauce glazed on top. Yum! We went here twice because it was my favorite gelato place in all of Slovenia.

3. Gelateria Il Doge: I had vanilla with chocolate chunks in it… aka, stracciatella. This place was on the Campo Santa Margherita in Venice. If you walked out of Campo Santa Margherita in a certain direction you will find the Frari Church.

4. SuSo: They had amazing hazelnut sauce here. SuSo was near the Rialto Bridge. SuSo is a very fancy gelato cafe. Mom asked if we could get the hazelnut sauce to bring home, but it came in a glass jar and dad said it would be one more thing to potentially break (plus it turns out that it likely would have been confiscated at the airport, which is what happened to our jars of honey).

5. Gelateria Nico: This gelato cafe in Venice was facing the Giudecca. I had stracciatella and tres leches and they were amazing. (While we were here, dad taught me a trick that our friend Joe Busby taught him… if the banana gelato is white it is likely to be high quality, but if the banana gelato is yellow it is fake and/or low quality).

I hope that you enjoy my upcoming posts about Venice and Verona.