A Palace to Remember

A Palace to Remember

The Doge’s Palace is an impressive historic building with a humongous set of brick and marble walls.

It is located in St. Mark’s Square next to the Basilica San Marco.

The Great Hall has intricate multi-colored mosaic ceilings and  shiny gold accents. Many of the paintings in the Doge’s Palace were painted by Tintoretto and Titian.

There were tons of secret passages (the way that you can find out how many of them there are is to do the Secret Itineraries Tour yourself). One example of a secret passage in the Doge’s Palace (see if you can spot it in the picture below) is in the Council of Ten Room, connecting the main palace to the first set of prisons.

I did the tour and it was very interesting. I even got to open the secret door and confuse the people walking on the other side of the Council of Ten Room!

There was a ton of old armor, swords, axes, and shields on display.

To exit the building we crossed over the canal on the Bridge of Sighs, circled through the second set of prisons, crossed the Bridge of Sighs again, and left the building (with a lot of pictures).

Later, I saw the Bridge Sighs from the outside when I was walking across an otherworldly crowded bridge across the same canal.