Korčula is Cool-A

Korčula is Cool-A

Korčula is one of my favorite places to be. It is actually thought to be Marco Polo’s birthplace. Korčula is an island located off the Dalmatian Coast. By the way, we got there on an express catamaran ferry from Split. This place has ancient origins, which created a tradition, the Moreška sword dance. The Moreška was probably my favorite part of Korčula because of its amazing moves and scenes with lots of action. I definitely recommend that you go to see it.

General Fun On and Around Korčula
Moreska (I am holding some of the unused swords)

Korčula is a place rich in history and flavors. I tried my first prawn pizza here (btw: I loved it). Prawn pizza is very delicious and has both the flavor of shrimp and a regular cheese pizza, creating a very amazing combo. Another scrumptious meal was our red scorpionfish (a.k.a. sculpin). Sculpin is incredibly hard to catch because of its poisonous spines, but its meat is super juicy and tender. Oddly enough, no restaurants served urchins: the most common seafood around. A restaurant further inland on the island was also very good. My Mom and Dad tried goat peka for the first time here, and they loved it. At that restaurant I had saffron prawn penne pasta, which I loved as well. The two restaurants that I especially recommend are Konoba Marco Polo (where I had sculpin) and Konoba Mate (where my Mom and Dad had goat peka to share).

Korčula is rich in aquatic life as well. Here was one of my favorite ways to see it. The Korčula semi-submarine was one of the coolest things we did in Korčula! On this attraction we saw fish, fish, and more fish. It was nighttime, so Mom thought that it would not be cool, but it was a lot better than she thought! The lights on the viewing ports attracted fish in enormous quantities. One of the more unusual fish that we saw was the ropefish (a.k.a. eelfish). They look like eels with fins. We also saw three bat squids floating around by the semi-sub. There were also urchins by the dozen! Even the semi-sub captain said that going on it at night was a ton better.


Our snorkeling tour took us to the small islands around Korčula. At one of the islands, a wild deer tried to eat someone’s lunch rolls (and succeeded in doing just that). That same island, Badija, had lots of green tube coral in the water around it. As I cruised along the seafloor colorful fish swam by me and urchins sat on the rocks like purple pincushions. Sea cucumbers sat around like squishy aquatic croissants. No, I am serious, one was folded into the shape of a croissant (it was the right size too… although I bet that it would taste terrible). Snorkeling in Korčula is super awesome.

Pictures From our Snorkeling Tour
Oh deer!