Kauai – A Place Rich in Tastes and Sights

Kauai – A Place Rich in Tastes and Sights

An Aerial View of Kauai

We took an incredible helicopter tour over Kauai. This was my first ever helicopter ride, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I got a lot more than I expected. The scenery was amazing! Amazing waterfalls crested the cliffs and White-tailed Tropicbirds rode the wind along the sea. We got to see the Napali Coast, which is only visible to tourists from the sky or the sea. Although the clouds are usually low across Kauai’s mountains, during our ride the mountains were not covered by fog (for the most part… Even the wettest spot on earth had clear views). We also saw an air view of Waimea Canyon.

Wonderful Waimea

The ground view of Waimea Canyon was even better than the view from our helicopter. We were lucky to get to see this part of the island because our flight home had a monstrous delay. This part of the island looked like its dirt was the sand from a Minecraft mesa biome. The dirt in Waimea Canyon almost looked like Mars to me. When we got to the top of the path near observation platforms 8 and 9, we saw an Erckel’s Francolin, a pheasant-sized bird with a name the size of an ostrich. We also spotted another White-tailed Tropicbird from one of the observation platforms. The canyon was huge and beautiful waterfalls spouted from the sides of the canyon.


Hawaii also has a gigantic stock of delicious treats, including shave ice. We had this delicious shave ice treat every day, except for the first one. It was so good that we had it twice on the last day. My first shave ice from Hee Fat General Store was bigger than my head and very delicious. It was raspberry and coconut, with a layer of vanilla ice cream at the bottom. I also liked the shave ice that I had from Waikomo Shave Ice, which came in a coconut bowl. I definitely recommend that you go to both places. Great drinks are also available on the island. I had an excellent virgin Pina Colada from The Dolphin Restaurant. I had a different drink that I liked even better, the Poipu Pina. The Poipu Pina is served inside of a fresh pineapple. The mint gave the Poipu Pina a refreshing blast of flavor.

Fish + Little Fish = Breakfast and Dinner in Kauai

When we got dinner in Kauai, it almost always had fish or shrimp in it. While I was there, I had an assortment of Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Monchong, Marlin, and shrimp (that’s a lot of fish). For breakfast, I usually had a buttered bagel from Little Fish Coffee (https://littlefishcoffee.com/). I also had a Little Fish smoothie every day (I had the Banana Colada most days, but also had the Monkey Nuts once). Little Fish was our pre-snorkeling fuel-up station. There was always an assortment of wild Junglefowl walking around Little Fish Coffee. If you actually think about it, it is funny that something edible is walking around a cafe (although I don’t think that they are too worried about being put on the menu).