A Shade of Natural Wonder Between Blue and Green

A Shade of Natural Wonder Between Blue and Green

Plitvice Lakes is the most stunning example of untouched nature you can think of. This explosion of natural wonders is not surprisingly a UNESCO World Heritage site. It also may be the most beautiful place I’ll ever go. One of the reasons it was so beautiful was because of the wooden pathways shooting out over waterfalls and lakes.

We spent two days hiking in Plitvice Lakes, and this post is about the first day. On the first day we went hiking in the upper lakes part of the park. The route that we took on the first day (also the route that my Fitbit says I got over 22,000 steps on) was Route E. When we got to one part of the trail we found a dog that kind of became our hiking partner without an invitation (although I was happy to have him because he was very cute).

As we walked there was nothing but blue sky, clear weather, and super vibrant blues and greens shimmering out of every corner of the park. Are you wondering how all of these lakes are connected? A river? No, guess again. Waterfalls (ding, ding, ding)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also saw three types of birds on this hike: a heron, a warbler, and plenty of ducks.

That isn’t all, my next post is about the lower lakes…  coming soon.