The “Swift” History of Samobor

The “Swift” History of Samobor

Our last, and I think most special, day trip from Zagreb was to Samobor. The first thing that we saw when we got there was a building with a swift’s nest built into nearly every eve of the building. The scene was crazy, a seemingly endless fog of swifts whipping in and out of dirt and stick blobs attached to the roof.

See if you can spot the baby swift up in the nest with the swift perched on it.

See, swift nests are all over, even on different buildings.

The birds we saw were: swifts (duh, with all of these swift nests around there have to be swifts), wagtails, kos, hooded crows, and sparrows.

Pied Wagtail
A very beautiful up “Kos” photo.
Hooded Crow


One of the coolest things that we saw in Samabor was an old Citroen that looked kind of like a VW beetle with half covered back tires.

Two more things about Samabor were the beautiful church and the fortress ruins up on a hill. The church was yellow and green and the fortress was probably huge; well, now the fortress is just a pile of loose stones and partially formed turrets and walls up on the hill, but you get the idea.

Samobor Church
Fortress Up on a Hill

Samabor was a very impressive day trip.