Our Family Photo Shoot in Soča River

Our Family Photo Shoot in Soča River

In Soča River we had our photos taken by Samo Rovan.

He had great technique and was very funny (and the windows on his car did not have a child-lock so I was able to open my own window and feel the breeze in my hair; my mom was worried that her hair might get messed up from the breeze)! His photos are perfect!

An amazing area of our photo shoot was Soča Gorge. I lounged on the rocks and watched random people doing backflips off of the walls of the gorge.

The river was freezing cold and crystal clear.

Dad held my feet while I took a big gulp from the fast moving water.

It tasted amazing (it was probably all of the minerals in it). We went to skip rocks on one of the banks (Dad could skip his rock all of the way across the river).

Then we went to catch grasshoppers in a field at the hotel. I caught a huge one and Mom was so surprised that her mouth fell open and her eyes were wide.

We saw a goat on a roof,

a horse rolling in the grass,

two eagles soaring overhead,

and one Slovenian farm cat (I wonder if they call them Slovenian Shorthairs rather than American Shorthairs).

Here is a link to my photographer’s website, click the link if you want to check it out: Samo Rovan’s Website.