Czech Out My Adventures in Prague – Our Day One Walking Tour

Czech Out My Adventures in Prague – Our Day One Walking Tour

The first stop on our recent trip was Prague, a city overflowing with fun and history. Both of our days were super-fun private walking tours around the city. Our guide Lucka made sure that we had a great time on both of our tours and she was great for families with kids. She knew a lot about the city. She was a local, so she knew all of the ins and outs and knew all of the good shops too. I would definitely recommend getting a tour from her when you come to Prague. Click to find information about getting a tour: Caput Regni Private Family Walking Tours.

Tradiotional Czech House Signs
Swans With Adorable Cygnets
Look At That Face

On the first day of our tour, we saw three synagogues, lots of churches, the famous Charles Bridge, and the astronomical clock. Our first day on the walking tour was mostly about the Jewish section of Prague. We went into three synagogues, but only one is still in use now. The outside of the synagogues were not flashy or ornate, but the torah pedestal is nothing short of spectacular. When we went into the active synagogue we saw the actual former seat of Rabbi Loew (Rabbi Loew was actually rumored to have created Golem, but it went on a rampage and he destroyed (or at least deactivated and partially broke) it to save Prague from it). Even now, no one is allowed to sit in his seat in order to preserve it.

Old New Synagogue and Jewish State Hall
Old Town Square
Church of Our Lady before Týn
Charles Bridge

Both the famous Charles Bridge and the incredible astronomical clock are wonders of the worldwide architecture and some of the most well-known parts of Prague. The Charles Bridge has around thirty statues on its guardrails, but only the greenish-one with five stars circling its head is actually from the original set on the bridge. This monstrous medieval bridge has a very interesting way to shield itself from floating ice chunks (this defense takes the form of wooden shields in front of the pillars to deflect the ice). The astronomical clock’s face shows all twelve signs of the zodiac, as well as: day (blue), sunrise/sunset (red), and night (black) on its huge circle. Its hands actually show the sun and the moon’s position relative to the current time in Prague. For example, if the sun is pointing straight up the clock tower, it is noon. Though very different, both of these features are some of what make Prague the way it is.

Charles Bridge
Swans Below the Charles Bridge
Astronomical Clock

Later, we went across the river to Vyšehrad fortress. We ended our first tour here, and went down the hill and had lunch before riding the tram back to our hotel and ending the first great day of our incredible trip.

How Many People Can Fit in a Church This Size? A Lot More Than I Thought

A little tip for you when you go to Prague is something I learned from my guide and from watching the Honest Guide videos on YouTube: Chimney Cakes (aka trdelník) are not traditional Czech, but are Hungarian (seriously, Google it.) They should call them “chimney fakes” rather than “chimney cakes”! Here is a link to a video that I watched from the Honest Guide, a local who caught many scams, and this is one of them: Honest Guide Czech Candy Video. His videos are really interesting and have lots of information about visiting Prague.

Tourist Trap Alert!!!