An Omiš-Mash of Awesome Adventures (including a side trip to Klis Fortress)

An Omiš-Mash of Awesome Adventures (including a side trip to Klis Fortress)

Omiš was a very beautiful town near Split with a lot of super fun adventures. One of these activities was zip-lining in the mountains.

We did this and I think that it was our best day in Split. During our time zip-lining we cruised over lush valleys through trees and over a lovely blue-green river.

Zip-lining was an awesome feeling as you soar over beautiful landscapes. On lines 1 and 7 I rode tandem. On line 1 I had to ride tandem with a guide so I didn’t get stuck in the center of the line. Line 1 was over 2,000 feet long; you do not want to get stuck in the center of that! It was also about 500 feet above the ground. On line 7, I chose to go tandem because I was scared to go over the river alone. However, on line 8 (also over the river) I shot over it confidently by myself like a bullet!

You can check out the video of me on line 8 by clicking: here.

After a great fish lunch on the river that we zip-lined over, we got in the car and drove to Klis. Klis is a huge ancient fortress on a hill with large stone brick walls and a town below with the same name.

The fortress had old cannons connected to the turrets as well as a large collection of weapons, arms, and armor in the artifact room.

This magnificent place has been a castle for many Croatian kings. Due to its placement, it was damaged and rebuilt quite a few times, only obtaining its current look in the 1600’s.

On the fortress grounds, I tried archery for the first time and enjoyed the incredible view over Split.

My first bullseye!

This archery activity was the driving force behind the archery classes that I now do on Sundays. This was a very memorable experience and added a new hobby (archery) into our family.