The Common Not-So-Wildlife of Croatia

The Common Not-So-Wildlife of Croatia

Hello, I just went on a huge trip to Croatia! I went to Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Korčula, and Dubrovnik. Our trip was two weeks of pure fun! I am excited to tell you about my awesome trip, so get ready to get reading.


What has two names, a ton of plumage variations, and almost no habitat restrictions?

A pigeon; two names because they are also a type of dove. I saw tons of them in Croatia. The first one that I saw was a pure rock dove and the second one was spotted white and brown!

The pigeons like to hang out in squares and hide in holes in walls.

The funniest place that I saw one was on a statue’s head!

In Dubrovnik I almost got mowed by a pigeon flying really close to my head! I had to duck to avoid it.

Starting in Split, I saw huge clumps of feral cats.

I started to see them when I met Xo (pronounced “so”) in a nautical bracelet shop. After that, cats were everywhere… on the grass, stalking my ice cream, and eating a chicken wing.?! By the way, Xo started out feral and made herself a shop cat. We did not see any feral cats in Korčula, but a house cat did try to eat my Amberjack steak while I was eating it at a restaurant. When we got to Dubrovnik, we saw tons of feral cats again. They were everywhere, but usually by a church or laying in front of a heating vent.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my upcoming posts about Croatia. There will be a lot of them.