The Edible Side of Seattle

The Edible Side of Seattle

Seattle has tons of mouthwatering food just waiting to be tasted!


I went to Pike Place Market and it was amazing.

The best thing about it was all of the fish lying around. Yum!

One stall had a rubber monk fish rigged up to a chain that would scare people when the vendors pulled the chain to wiggle the fish. The rubber fish looked exactly like a fish, not like rubber (see for yourself below).

The vendors also threw a chum salmon back and forth over the fish counter every few minutes.

When we were in the market we also tried hazelnuts and chocolate covered cherries from other vendors. They all tasted great! I liked the Amaretto Rainer Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries the most. Before we went to the market, we went to Storyville a coffee place with delicious oatmeal. It was located just outside of the Pike Place Market’s main entrance (see the picture below with their red circle logo).

At lunch, I had my first ever Dungeness crab. It was totally, absolutely, 100% super scrumptious!!!! I even got to crack the pinchers and legs open. My favorite part was the meat in the lower claw of the pincher, which was also the easiest to get to because you just had to yank the bottom claw off and enjoy.

For dinner we went to Etta’s, a fish place located next to Pike Place Market. For the actual meal I had amazing Copper River Salmon. Even better, we had a super nice waitress. After the salmon I topped it off with a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of banana chip ice cream. When I was going out the door I snagged about four Swedish Fish from the Swedish Fish Bowl. Etta’s was great.


There are so many new flavors to discover in Seattle.