Ljubljana – Part 2

Ljubljana – Part 2

There is a bird marsh not too far outside Ljubljana. When we arrived, there was a pheasant in the road! I don’t have any photos of it because it was running away from the car! It had a shiny green head and red cheek patches that extended from its cheeks all the way to its beak and had yellow eyes. I didn’t know it was a pheasant until I looked in my European bird book.

In addition to the pheasant, there were other birds at the marsh including corncrakes. I didn’t see one because they are elusive. Although I did hear them. Although they are birds they sound quite like frogs. You can hear the corncrake’s sound by clicking here: http://www.british-birdsongs.uk/corn-crake/.

In addition to the corncrakes and pheasants there were also herons at the marsh. I think they were grey herons because they weren’t quite as tall as the great blue herons in California. There were at least five of them standing in a field.

There were also beautiful butterflies and electric blue dragonflies (plus the annoying flies that bit my dad). Click here to read more about the marsh and see a picture of a corncrake: http://ptice.si/en/nature-conservation-and-research/nature-reserves/iski-morost/.

My dad took the heron pictures and my mom took the others. More of my pictures will be coming in my Ljubljana – Part 3 post.